One face, one voice, one habit, and two persons

Misunderstandings, confusions and chaos, meet a world full of ambition, trickery and experimentation. A life where love does not necessarily appear how you expect it to. A time where the rules may not be as clear cut as they once used to be…

In 90 minutes, 6 actors bring Shakespeare’s darkest comedy to life in a mischievous, feisty and fast paced production.

Alex Thorpe directs following work at the Royal Shakespeare Company and Shakespeare’s Globe.

Suitable for everyone aged 11+

Relaxed Performance Fri 24 March 2.00pm

Shakespeare Up Close aims to make Shakespeare relevant to a younger audience by teaming a vibrant production with crystal clear text. Last year’s production of Romeo and Juliet was seen by nearly 3500 secondary school students both at the OT and in schools.

Also playing in schools

For schools bookings at the theatre or in school email [email protected]

Running time 90 minutes

Production photos by Ellie Kurttz

Nick Blakeley
Sophie Crawford
Brendan Murphy
Shazia Nicholls
Bebe Sanders
Maanuv Thiara
DirectorAlex Thorpe
Sound Designer and Composer James Frewer
Lighting Designer Elliot Griggs
Designer Max Johns
Casting Director Rebecca Murphy