The End of Hope

21 July 2017 – 29 July 2017

So I decided to dispose of the body myself.  I chopped him up with a kitchen knife and I thought about burying him in the back garden but I couldn’t be bothered with all that digging so I just threw him in the bin.  

Dermot and Janet are about to have a one night stand. Before sealing the deal, though, Dermot must:
a)         Check she agrees that Tony Blair's a war criminal.
b)         Establish whether she killed her ex-husband
c)         Reluctantly accept she does not realise he's famous.

David Ireland's witty and insightful comedy follows his critically-acclaimed Cyprus Avenue at the Royal Court Theatre.

Directed by Max Elton

Running time approx 50 minutes

Part of the Directors' Festival
A festival of plays directed by students from the first year of the Orange Tree Theatre and St Mary’s University’s MA in Theatre Directing. Find out more

Tickets £7.50

21 July 7.00pm
24 July 8.30pm
27 July 7.00pm
29 July 8.30pm

With thanks to The Fenton Arts Trust for supporting the designer of this production.

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