We all pour into the city like water down a sink

Him loves her. Her loves him. Yet everyday they decay. Everyday they descend into the city, leaving their souls tucked up in bed.

What do you do when you realise how inconsequential your life is? That you have, slowly, without realising become another corporate cog in a corporate machine. That the only thing you get excited by is the anticipation as to whether your neighbour’s cat will acknowledge you.

But what happens when Him and Her say no. No to the meal deals. No to the Iphones. No to the friends. No to this pathetic illusion of happiness –  it’s simple really, they just have to…

Wake up.

Wake up.

Yet how do you wake up from life?

Brad Birch’s plays include The Brink, which had its world premiere at the Orange Tree in 2016. 

Directed by Hannah de Ville

Running time approx 75 minutes

Part of the Directors' Festival
A festival of plays directed by students from the first year of the Orange Tree Theatre and St Mary’s University’s MA in Theatre Directing. Find out more

20 July 8.30pm
24 July 7.00pm
26 July 8.30pm
29 July 7.00pm

With thanks to The Fenton Arts Trust for supporting the designer of this production.

Georgina Campbell
DirectorHannah de Ville