We have no more right to consume happiness without producing it than to consume wealth without producing it.

Eugene believes in love, free-thinking and liberation: James in social justice for all and conventional married life for himself. Candida believes in her own strength and her right to run her life as she wants.

A young man with the soul of a poet clashes with a popular Socialist preacher and threatens his domestic happiness. Only Candida can decide who is the stronger – and who’s to be the winner.

A passionate power struggle is played out in one of Shaw’s most enduring and witty plays.

Artistic Director Paul Miller follows his phenomenally successful, critically acclaimed Orange Tree productions of Shaw’s early plays Misalliance, The Philanderer and Widowers’ Houses.

Martin Hutson
CandidaClaire Lams
Sarah Middleton
Kwaku Mills
Joseph Potter
Michael Simkins
DirectorPaul Miller
DesignerSimon Daw
Lighting DesignerMark Doubleday
Sound Designer & ComposerElizabeth Purnell
CastingVicky Richardson
Sarah Murray