OT Community

Our Education & Participation Programme is now OT Community.

OT Community will work with all ages from babies to over 60s. Community Groups will bring people together, build confidence, and provide an opportunity to have fun and create work together. The groups will meet as a full community throughout the year at Assemblies involving intergenerational sharings, workshops & creative collaborations. In the summer of 2022 we very proudly produced OT's first ever Community Festival, including the original performance of 'Seven Celebrations', which was devised and performed by our cast of community participants. Heading into 22-23 we have ambitious plans for further incredible work to take place among our amazing community of schools, partners, groups & organisations. 

Weekly Theatre Sessions

Theatre sessions for all ages.

The OT continues to expand its existing community programme to work with a wider group of people.

All of our group sessions take place weekly, here at the OT. We'll be back for our Autumn Term begining 19th September 2022.

The directors are, Rio Fry, Harry Gould, Madi Mahoney, Stella Taljaard.

For each of our classes, we can offer bursary places for those receiving income support or free school meals.



Play On:
OT Community will refocus existing Shakespeare projects to strengthen links to the national curriculum and make the process more collaborative, giving students more ownership over the final production.

In June 2022, OT Community launched a new production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with in-school workshops which introduced the play to students, discuss the social themes and gave them a chance to discuss the issues in the play. Between Key Stages 1-4, students looked at issues around healthy relationships within PSHE lessons. A Midsummer Night’s Dream provides examples of unhealthy relationships and issues around consent, which were used as stimulus to discuss these issues with students within a workshop.

In the summer of 2023 OT Community will open up a new production for primary schools to engage with, keep an eye out for more information on our next Play On project coming soon.

Find out more

Whether you’re a teacher, parent, carer or individual, we’d be delighted to answer your queries so please get in touch here – Stella Taljaard

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Seven Celebrations production photo by Harry Plowden