Q&A with actress Evelyn Hoskins

Actress Evelyn Hoskins

Evelyn Hoskins is playing Loops in Joe White's new play Mayfly. We asked her a few questions about the play, about acting and the theatre.

What was the first show you saw that had a big impact on you?
London Road at the National – I love musicals but this was my first real experience of realising that they don’t have to be all singing and all dancing. I think they were some of the most honest performances I’ve had the honour of watching. 

If you hadn’t been an actor what would you have been?
A midwife.

Can you tell us a bit about your character in Mayfly?
Loops is an introvert, the day the play takes place marks an occasion which triggers her to make some big choices in her life. And small things to us seem like huge things to Loops. She’s in her own world trying to be anybody but herself but she really grows up over the duration of the play.

What was it about Mayfly that made you want to be in the play?
I grew up in Somerset and the second I read it I understood the world Joe had written. I just got it. Plus Joe’s writing is amazing, all you have to do is say the words.

What's your favourite line from the play?
‘It’ll make em’ choke won’t it, the sheep, not that I care cus I hate the wooly twats, but still’

Mayfly is set in rural Shropshire. What relationship do you have to the countryside?
Growing up in Somerset I can totally relate to that feeling of being so secluded but so claustrophobic at the same time

When was the last time you climbed a tree?
Probably when I was a kid. It’s been a while.

What does acting in a small in the round theatre like the Orange Tree demand of you as an actor?
I personally find it more freeing as an actor. You don’t have to worry quite so much technically, you can be honest about moving and speaking due to the intimacy. 

What have you been reading or watching recently that you’d recommend?
This Country on BBC3. It’s tone is slightly similar to the play. Dry, very dark comedy that’s bred out of something slightly tragic. Plus Daisy and Charlie are comedy geniuses.

Mayfly is playing 19 April – 26 May 2018

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