OT Community

Our Education & Participation Programme is becoming OT Community.

In response to the past 18 months, which has seen an increase in isolation and a decline in mental health across the country, the programme aims to reflect what the theatre aims to build: a community.

OT Community will work with all ages from babies to over 60s. Community Groups will bring people together, build confidence, and provide an opportunity to have fun and create work together. The groups will meet as a full community throughout the year at Assemblies involving intergenerational sharing, workshops and finally in a community festival in 2022. After such a period of isolation, it gives an opportunity for everyone’s voice to be heard and allows the sharing of stories between generations.

Weekly Theatre Sessions

Theatre sessions for all ages.

The OT is expanding its existing programme to work with a wider group of people.

There will be 10 weekly classes beginning from 20 September 2021, working with a director across three terms to create an ensemble, devise a performance and perform as part of a Community Festival in summer 2022.

The directors are, Freyja Winterson, Hannah De Ville, Rio Fry, Harry Gould, Madi Mahoney and Scott Le Crass.

New classes

In addition to our long-established Youth Theatre sessions and Young Company, we will be running the following new classes:

Parent and baby classes, which will create a space of play for parents and their babies. Using song, music and storytelling, these sessions will aim to stimulate babies’ development and promote play between parent and baby. Find out more

Fridays 10-11am

Early Years classes
Active participatory storytelling sessions for little ones. Building confidence, speaking and discussion.

5-7yrs Saturdays 11:30am - 1:30pm Find out more

Adult group
These sessions are for adults 25 years upward, who have a keen interest in theatre, want to learn new skills, find out more about how the OT makes productions, make friends and have fun. Sessions will include play readings, guest practitioners, and the chance to create original devised work. This year the group will work towards an intergenerational project alongside our ten other community groups to create a piece of theatre to share in a Community Festival in 2022. Find out more

For each of our ten classes, we will provide five bursary places for those receiving income support or free school meals.


Play On: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
OT Community will refocus existing Shakespeare projects to strengthen links to the national curriculum and make the process more collaborative, giving students more ownership over the final production.

In January 2022, OT Community will launch a new production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with in-school workshops which will introduce the play to students, discuss the social themes and give them a chance to discuss the issues in the play.

Between Key Stages 1-4, students will look at issues around healthy relationships within PSHE lessons. A Midsummer Night’s Dream provides examples of unhealthy relationships and issues around consent, which will be used as stimulus to discuss these issues with students within a workshop.

In March 2022 the OT will open with daytime performances for primary and secondary schools and public performances over the Easter holidays. Performance schedule to be confirmed.

Find out more

Whether you’re a teacher, parent, carer or individual, we’d be delighted to answer your queries – [email protected]. Or call Liam or Stella on 020 8940 0141. 

The Orange Tree Theatre is a registered charity (266128) and needs to fundraise £450,000 every year to run its Education & Participation Programme. To find out how you can help visit our Support Us pages.