It Just Stopped

5 February 2014 – 8 March 2014

“So, is it the end of the world or what?”

“The television didn’t work…that’s when I knew it was the end.”

Life is seductively comfortable for Franklin and Beth in their luxury 47th floor apartment.
But what would happen and what might come in from the outside world if everything just stopped?  
No electricity – so no computer, no coffee, no air-conditioning, no lift, no TV and the mobile isn’t charged. At first its rather fun. But as time passes maybe this isn’t just a temporary glitch. It can be hard to see things clearly from the 47th floor. And then there is a knock on the door...

What are our values and what will happen to them when the world faces cataclysmic change?

A funny and piercing allegory for our times byStephen Sewell, whose Myth, Propaganda and Disaster in Nazi Germany and Contemporary America packed the Orange Tree in 2004 and won more awards than any play in Australian history.

Running time 2 hours 10 minutes (including interval)

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