Adapted by Kelly Hunter with music composed by Tom Chapman

The OT remounts its successful collaboration with Flute Theatre, who create productions especially for people with ASC and other educational needs; a unique and spellbinding production that enables everyone to enjoy Shakespeare

“Shakespeare… a unique theatrical experience – part performance and part workshop – which genuinely puts the sense of play back into Shakespeare and that is truly interactive.” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Up to 15 young people on the spectrum become the participants for each performance, sitting with seven actors in a circle on our stage. Their families or carers sit just behind them to watch from the auditorium. The actors encourage the participants to play sensory games which unravel the story of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

“[It] was breathtaking, the way the actors adapted to incorporate what [my son] was experiencing and communicating with his behaviour into the performance… they entered into his world rather than demanding that he enter theirs… I could relax because my son was with people who really “got” him and understood how to work with autism.” Parent of participant, 2017

The Orange Tree Theatre is wheelchair accessible and the performance is suited to every person with additional needs, including those who are non-verbal.

All participants and their families are welcome to join the cast for tea and biscuits after the performance.

With thanks to the April Trust 

Paula Rodriguez
Finlay Cormack
Paul Gorostidi
Oliver Grant
Tom Chapman
Augustina Seymour
Josh Sneesby