Shakespeare Up Close

Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth

We are so thrilled to be able to deliver our Shakespeare Up Close project digitally in two brand new filmed productions of Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth.



We understand the many challenges facing schools, teachers, and young people right now and the importance or accessing theatre productions for study and engagement. We are creating a filmed stage production of both Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth, as well as a behind the scenes video, and an educational resource pack for teachers and students for use to assist their studies. The performances will be able to be watched in class, at home or however fits in with your study structure. 

Each production will be an abridged performance (similar to what we would perform if we had done the performance at your school), with 5 actors lasting around 75 minutes, which will be filmed in the Orange Tree Theatre, and accessible via our website along with the additional behind the scenes footage and education pack.

This is most suitable for 12+ students.  

Access: Both productions will have captions available.

Please complete the google form here for any other questions or inquiries: 

On Shakespeare Up Close, 2019:

Thanks for such a wonderful production. We loved that it was such a modern interpretation… the students also enjoyed the diversity of the actors as they could identify with them. The actors were very approachable, drawing the best from our students [in the workshop], they provoked discussion and ensured everyone felt included. Featherstone High School

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact Izzy: izzy,[email protected]

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