Hippolytus/The Little Years

9 June 2004 – 26 June 2004

This year’s Orange Tree Theatre’s Trainee Directors Showcase is an exciting double bill of classic and contemporary theatre.

Hippolytus by Euripides: A middle-aged woman dying of a dark secret. A beautiful but chaste young man. A hot-headed husband, and a proud and jealous goddess.The stage is set for one of Euripides’ most powerful and gripping tragedies, a story of love, honour, and what happens when passion turns to revenge in the name of justice.

The Little Years by John Mighton: 1950. Kate is 13. While her classmates gossip about boys and dream of the dance on Friday, Kate has her eyes on the stars. A science prodigy with ideas light years ahead of the curriculum, Kate rejects schoolwork and the company of her peers in favour of her own thoughts. Her school, baffled by her non-conformity and disrespect to teachers, excludes her. As Kate’s spark is gradually extinguished, her brother William emerges as one of the most celebrated writers of his generation. The Little Years is the story of the trail of possibilities life leaves in its wake, and the way our lives are touched by others. It is both hauntingly beautiful and refreshingly funny.

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